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Cost Effective Legal Research: Bridging the Gap - From Backpacks to Briefcases

COST EFFECTIVE LEGAL RESEARCH: Bridging the Gap - From Backpacks to Briefcases


Bridging The Gap - From Backpacks to Briefcases:

Cost Effective Legal Research


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As a law school student (during Summer Associate or Internship employment) or as a New Attorney, you will likely make a move from the academic world into the corporate, business or law firm world.  Preparing to enter the world of practicing law, it may assist you to become familiar with reasons you may/will need to do Cost Effective Legal Research.

We hope that some of the ideas, articles, links and information listed here will be helpful as you Prepare to Practice.


This Libguide is designed to assist law students or attorneys that are entering the workplace.

While in Law School You are More Than Encouraged To Explore the Legal Research Databases (in particular Westlaw Edge, Lexis Plus & Bloomberg Law).


This Libguide is intended to give ideas and information on how to do "Cost Effective Legal Research" as a Summer Associate or Intern or as a newly hired Associate in Law Firms.  This Libguide does not include every idea or resource that will help a newly minted or soon-to-be newly minted attorney.  More will be added to this Libguide as time progresses.