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About the Curator

Kerry Oliver-Smith served as Curator of Contemporary Art at the Harn Museum of Art at the University of Florida from 2000 to 2018. At Harn, she curated and coordinated over sixty exhibitions. Her research interests focus on the juncture of art and politics, with an emphasis on photographic and film/video practice.

Oliver-Smith has published and contributed to many publications including Swamp: On the Edge of Eden, Europa: Imagining the (Im) Possible and Cuba Avant-Garde. She received several grants, two from the National Endowment for Art, two from the Andy Warhol Foundation, and research grants from the University of Florida. Exhibitions include The Architecture of Time in Video Installation, Terry Adkins Deeper Still Art, Media and Material Witness. Her exhibitions have traveled nationally and internationally. For over a decade, she curated RISK cinema, an experimental and art film. Prior to serving as the curator of contemporary art at the Harn, she served as the musuem's Curator of Education.