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Event Information

Join the DePaul University Library for a reading and discussion of the book, Things You Might Find Hidden in My Ear: Poems from Gaza by Palestinian poet, writer, and librarian Mosab Abu Toha. The event will be held on Tuesday, June 11, 2024, from 4pm - 6pm at the Richardson Library Room 103. Halal food options and tea will be provided. This event is open to DePaul students, staff, and faculty.

The Library has an unlimited user e-book copy of the book, available here. Anyone can access the title poem, "Things You May Find Hidden in My Ear" online via Poetry magazine. Please join us whether or not you have read the book: we'll have a selection of poems available to read and discuss in small groups.  

The book is the 2024 selection for the Librarians and Archivists with Palestine One Book, Many Communities initiative. 
Registration is required to ensure sufficient capacity in our space (we’ve got room for 50) and enough small group facilitators for the discussion.


This guide was put together with the support of library colleagues who coordinated the Poems from Gaza: Reading and Discussion event at the John T. Richardson Library on June 11, 2024: Alexis Burson, Derek Potts, Liz Becker, Margaret Grumeretz, Kaiya Schroeder, Kristin Lansdown, and Sveta Stoytcheva Price.  We are also grateful for the many resources provided by Librarians and Archivists with Palestine's One Book, Many Communities campaign.