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Key Resources

Recognizing Scholarly

Scholarly Articles Checklist

  • Sources always documented in a bibliography,references or works cited list, or footnotes at the bottom of each page
  • Lengthy often 10+ pages
  • Authors' affiliations listed - professors, scholars, or researchers
  • Describes the results of original research (e.g. experiments, case studies or analyses)
  • Graphs, charts, tables, equations
  • Written for experts - use of jargon or technical language
  • Multiple authors
  • Long, descriptive title
  • Journal's title often begins with Journal of... or contains the words Review or Quarterly

Recognizing Trade Articles

Trade Publications Characteristics

  • Written for a specialized audience in a particular business or technical area
  • Authors are often on the publication's staff or are freelancers
  • Articles are brief and practical
  • Good source of interviews of industry professional
  • Good source of trends and best practices, and cutting-edge information about an industry or profession
  • Business-to-business advertising prevalent

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