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Internet Research for Paralegals

This guide represents a summary of the points accompanying the teleconference lecture conducted in January, 2012

General Search Engines







Contains a list of undocumented search operators that work at the generic search box level in Google.  Some of these features appear as options in Advanced Search

Portals and Topical Legal sites


 A database of all federal and state case law with a rolling window of five years.  Supreme Court opinions are available starting with reports in 1781.  Free. But requires registration.  Provided by the LexisNexis service.


Google Scholar Legal Opinions and Journals

Available by selecting the radio button for Legal Opinions and Journals which appears just below the search box.  The site contains a significant collection of state and federal case law searchable by keyword using an algorithm that’s attuned to the structure of opinions.  Advanced search is available.



A legal portal and search engine.  Provided by Thompson, owner of Westlaw and West Group publishers.



Another legal portal that contains a substantial number of federal court opinions, docket information, and legal commentary overview.  The docket section mimics Pacer in style but still lacks the depth of content.  It can be accessed at



A legal news and commentary site provided by the University of Pittsburgh School of Law.  The current awareness news cross-references the source documents via links.


The Legal Information Institute

One of the oldest academic sites that attempts to document American law.  It has directories to official sites and offers its own copies of the text of the United States Code, the Code of Federal Regulations, and other heavily used sources.

Sterling Codifiers

The two leading compilers of free, online municipal ordinances and codes.


A Legal encyclopedia.


Hieros Gamos

Foreign directory organized by jurisdiction, official, and unofficial sources.


The Global Legal Information Network (GLIN)

Another foreign law research directory (with links) provided by the Library of Congress.


Avalon Project

Free database of historical treaties and other documents.



Database of bibliographic holdings in libraries around the world.  It contains over 95 million catalog records searchable by author, title, subject or keyword.


The University Law Review Project

Links to free law review issues and articles.

Portal organized for access to state, departments, agencies, and resources.


Federal Agency Decisions


Zimmerman’s Research Guides


The Wayback Machine and the Internet Archive

The Wayback Machine can return a list of dates and archived versions of web pages via typed URLs.  The Internet Archive additionally has a wide variety of popular culture resources that are unrelated to law.


The Social Science Research Network

Free repository of published and pre-publication scholarly materials.