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Evidence Libguide

This Libguide contains both Federal and Illinois Evidence Titles, in print and online.  This Libguide contains a Selected List of materials and does not include all materials on Evidence.  While there are Criminal Evidence titles included in this Libguide, the majority of this guide deals with Civil Litigation matters. 

The "Official Federal Rules of Evidence" are located in an Appendix to Title 28 of  "The United States Code (USC)" (pictured below). 

While the method for publishing Court Rules varies from State to State, for our purposes, the Official Illinois Rules of Evidence are available via The Illinois Supreme Court's Website.  State evidence rules are often largely patterned after the federal rules of evidence.


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"Generally speaking, there are four types of evidence:

  1. Real Evidence (in other words, tangible things, such as a weapon, blood sample, etc.)
  2. Demonstrative Evidence (a model of what likely happened at a given time and place)
  3. Documentary Evidence (a letter, legal document, blog post, or other document)
  4. Testimonial (witness testimony)"

Kendall Svengalis - author of "Legal Information Guide & Reference Manual