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Black History Month - Celebrating Black/African American Notable Members of the Legal Profession and Law Makers

American Bar Association (ABA)

4 part townhall video series on Black Lawyers in America with follow up Toolkit:

Links to 4 videos

The Foundation

Over the course of their distinguished careers, former ABA presidents Dennis Archer, Paulette Brown and Robert Grey, Jr. have advocated for the change so many now seek and have helped create a foundation of racial equity upon which the profession can now build. This discussion will identify the issues and set the table for a solution-driven dialogue.

The Focus

As our society increasingly becomes aware of the historic inequities that continue to impact people of color generally and Black Americans in particular, the legal profession is likewise coming to terms with this reality. Black lawyers are grossly underrepresented and underappreciated in the legal profession and are still more likely to be affected by bias – both conscious and unconscious – throughout their careers. Our panel will discuss the existing strategies and approaches that firms and corporations can use to make the profession more diverse and inclusive. We will also examine and explore other solutions that have yet to be implemented broadly. Listeners will come away with guidance and action items.

The Future

The next generation of Black legal leaders will discuss the future of the profession. What are their expectations? What do they want to contribute? How will they transform the profession? What challenges do they face and where will they seek their support? How will they harness the energy of social change movements to effectuate change in the boardrooms?

Black Leaders in Government

This series concludes with an open discussion with Black political leaders in local and federal government, for a firsthand account of the extraordinary responsibilities they must bear in serving their constituents while acting as voices of change in this emotionally and racially charged environment.

Toolkit with links to 4 more videos including Tips for Black Lawyers: Black Lawyers in America Toolkit

The Black Lawyers in America Toolkit was created as a follow up to the original Black Lawyers in America Webinar Series, co-sponsored by the American Bar Association and hosted by Duane Morris. 
The toolkit includes facilitation guidelines, discussion questions, and continuing resources to engage in the work of uplifting Black lawyers' experiences in the workplace and ending practices of implicit bias and anti-Black racism in the legal profession and educational pipeline. It also provides resources and tips for Black lawyers. 

National Bar Association

The National Bar Association was founded in 1925 and is the nation's oldest and largest national network or predominantly African American attorneys and judges.

National Bar Association

2020  A year of challenges through the prism of social justice magazine of the NBA

Kneel for Justice Stand up to Fight

Black Men and Black Women

BMLA is representative of Black male lawyers, judges, law professors, and law students.

Founded in 1987, the Black Women Lawyers’ Association of Greater Chicago, Inc. (“BWLA”) is one of the fastest growing bar associations in Illinois. BWLA is representative of African-American female attorneys, judges, law professors and law students in the Chicago metropolitan area and across the Midwest


Illinois Bar Association Committee on Racial and Ethnic Minorities

The Racial and Ethic Minorities and the Law group was formed to educate attorneys and others about the law as it relates to racial and ethic minority groups. They offer a newsletter, CLE sessions and a recent video interview linked below.

Interview with John Rogers Jr.

Cook County Bar Association

Started in 1914 as the oldest Bar Association of African-American Lawyers in the Country for over 100 years they have opposed injustice and promoted the civic and legal rights of African Americans. Includes 8 video profiles of 2021 Legacy of Excellence members including Honorable William Cousins, Jr. 

Cook County Bar Association