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Veterans Day - Celebrating Veterans and Access to Legal Services

DePaul College of Law Librarians want to celebrate the diversity of our student body

General Information

For those with qualifying degrees and who are willing to become commissioned officers in the United States military, there are careers open to those who want to become military lawyers.

Some may read the above and assume that if they want to become a military lawyer, they will have to study Status Of Forces Agreements, UCMJ laws, and other military legal documents while in law school and approach their chosen branch of service with that information already mastered.

However, this is NOT TRUE.

The military runs its own technical training schools and they do so for Judge Advocate candidates, too.

Army JAG Corps

The U.S. Army Judge Advocate General's Corps is a government organization that operates like a court system. Its practitioners, referred to as Judge Advocates, are licensed attorneys qualified to represent the Army and Army Soldiers in military legal matters.

Judge Advocates are often tasked with representing Soldiers during courts-martial, but the JAG Corps actually encompasses a wide range of legal disciplines, including civil litigation, tort claims, labor law, and international law.

The areas of practice available to Judge Advocates rivals what most civilian law schools and firms provide, which makes the JAG Corps an excellent venue for young attorneys to gain experience in a competitive legal field.

Navy JAG Corps


The Navy Judge Advocate General’s Corps provides commanders, Sailors, and Navy families with targeted legal solutions wherever and whenever required to enable effective naval and joint operations.


Military Justice

We deliver military justice capabilities that ensure good order and discipline, protect the rights of all parties, and promote public confidence in our military justice system.

Operational Law and Command Advice

We provide commanders with consistent, accurate, and responsive legal advice to support military operations and sound naval administration.

Legal Assistance

We support the Fleet by enabling Sailors and their families to resolve personal legal matters and to remain mission-ready.

Air Force JAG Corps

As a member of this elite group of law professionals, you’ll provide a full range of legal services to the U.S. Air Force, the U.S. Space Force, Airmen, and Guardians. You’ll also enter a world of opportunity—one where you can take on immediate responsibility, continue your education in a number of legal specialties and gain experience working around the globe upholding justice for the people who defend it.