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Refining Results

WorldCat Local offers different ways for limiting your search results to specific dates, formats, etc.

Refining Results Tips

From within your search results, use Refine Your Search options in the left column.

You can refine your search by:

  • format (book, article, etc.)
  • year
  • language
  • author

Categories with the most hits will display by default. You can see additional categories by clicking on Show More.

From the Basic Search screen, you may apply the following limits to your search at the time of searching:

  • Limit to results from DePaul Libraries or I-Share Libraries
  • Limit to Full Text

Note that these limits are persistent and will remain in effect from search to search until you remove them.

From the Advanced Search Screen, you have the following additional options for limiting your search:

  • Date
  • Formats
  • Limit to Peer Reviewed Articles

WorldCatl Local provides 2 locations for limiting to full text:

  • Pre-Search: Checkmark the Limit to Full text articles link under the search box.Note that this limit will remain in effect for all searches until you uncheckmark the box.

  • Post-search: checkmark the option on the left for Full Text Articles. Note this will select and display only the full text articles from your current search results. Any future searches will not automatically be limited to full text articles.

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