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Scholarly Communication

Scholarly communication refers to the process through which scholars and researchers share their creative work and findings and make them available to wider audiences. While this process has been changing throughout the centuries, the past two decades have seen even more change with respect to the mechanism of delivery, format and the metrics that are used to evaluate scholarly output.

How DePaul University Library supports scholarly communication?

The DePaul University Library has been an active participant in the future of scholarly communication. Through its institutional repository, Via Sapientiae, the DePaul University Library supports DePaul's goal of academic enhancement by collecting, organizing, and providing open access to scholarly works produced by the University's faculty, staff, centers and institutes, and students. The repository also showcases DePaul's unique Vincentian heritage materials.

The DePaul University Library takes an active role in the creation of new forms of scholarship by assisting with developing and also participating in the digital scholarship initiated by students, staff, and faculty members. The Library also promotes Open Educational Resources that enable open access to scholarship output. More information on Open Educational Resources and how to identify and access them can be found on the Open Educational Resources LibGuide.

Who to contact?

There are many people at DePaul available to help you with questions about scholarly communication.

  • Questions about your work can be addressed to your department's liaison librarian .
  • Questions about using others people's work for your research and teaching can be directed to our Digital Scholarship Librarian, Ana Lucic.
  • Interested in using digital scholarship methods and tools or starting a digital scholarship project? Contact Ana Lucic, Digital Scholarship Librarian.

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