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Connecting a Mac Computer to a media:scape Table

When connecting a Mac computers to a media:scape table, there are several extra steps that need to be taken in order to display your screen.  These instructions are intended for the seated meeting style tables 1-4,  where two screens are attached to the table.  

1.  Connect your mac to the media:scape table using the miniDisplayPort connection puck.

2.  On your mac, Open up System Preferences --> Displays.  If you have attached the puck, you should see two windows appear:  Built-in Display & STEELCASE m:s

3.  On the Built-in Display window, you will see an option to Optimize your resolution for STEELCASE m:s.  Change the resolution to 1280 X 720 in order to project to the screen attached to the media:scape table. 

4.  On the STEELCASE m:s window, you will need to change the resolutino to 1280 X 720 and change the refresh rate to 60 hz.  

5.  On the STEELCASE m:s window, click the Arrangement tab.  Here you have an option to use the media:scape screen as a second monitor or you can 'mirror' your screen.  Mirroring your screen will show the same screen on both your mac computer and the media:scape screen.  In order to select this option, choose Mirror Displays from this window.  

6.  After completing these steps, you should be able to select a screen from the puck and be able to see your mac screen on the media:scape screen.  If you see a "Not Supported" try reducing the resolution to a lower rate and double check that the refresh rate is set to 60hz.