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Scan using a Scan Station

The Richardson Library and Loop Library are equipped with standalone scanning station that includes a flat bed scanner for books and a high-speed document scanner that can will scan double sided documents.  The scanner costs $.05 per page and accepts Demon Express and Courtesy Cards only.  These scan stations offer the ability the scan to a flash drive, email, or Google Drive account.  

Scan Station

Scanning using the Scan Station

  1. Touch the Screen to being using the scan station
  2. Select if you will use the book scanner or the document feeder
  3. Select from the list of options: Scan to USB Drive, Scan to Email, Scan to Smartphone or Tablet, Scan to Google Drive
  4. When asked to Swipe PrePaid Card, swipe your DePaul ID
  5. On the following screen, choose the scan settings and file format.  All scans will be $.05 per page, regardless of selected settings
  6. Scan the document.  You can rotate and crop your scans from this page.  Continue scanning additional pages by touching the green Scan key.  
  7. When finished scanning, touch Next
  8. Depending on your delivery choice, you will be asked to enter an email of Google Drive credentials if not using a usb drive.  If the Scan to Smartphone or Tablet option was chosen, you will be shown a QR code that you can scan to access the scan.  

Scan using the Large Format Scanner

Large Format Scan Station Instructions

The library offers a large format scanner that can be used for large and regular sized scanning.  This is available in the central Copy - Scan area on the first floor of the Richardson Information Commons


  1. Sign in to the computer with your campus connect login information

    Epson Scan Icon


  1. Make sure the scanner is turned on.  


  1. Open the Epson Scan program from the Desktop


  1. Place your document on the scanner


  1. Choose the settings for your document

    • Color/GrayscaleEpson Scan

    • Document Size

    • Resolution

    • Image Option


  1. When you are ready, click the Scan button


  1. You will be prompted to choose a location to save to.  Insert a flash drive to save directly to a flash drive or save to the desktop and attach to an email or cloud service like Google Drive or Dropbox.

**NOTE - Files will be removed from this computer after logging out and will not be available so please save your scan to another location