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Student and Faculty Copiers

Copiers are available for students, faculty and staff to use and are available in several locations in the library. 


To photocopy documents in any of the library locations please follow the following steps: 

  1. Swipe your ID card through the card reader attached to the copier. 
  2. Place material to be copied into automatic document feeder, or on the glass platen copy surface.
  3. Select number of copies.
  4. Lighten or darken resolution if desired.  (See display panel for any additional copy enhancements). 
  5. Press “Start”.
  6. When you are finished making copies, please press “Done” on the card reader.  Failure to press the “Done” button will result in other users being able to copy under your account.

For additional information on Demon Express accounts and convenience cards, please visit  the Demon Express page

Demon Express

Demon Express

Manage your Demon Express account.  

Demon express is a prepaid debit account that is offered to current students, faculty and staff of DePaul University and can be used to print at the library.