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This guide contains links to many different sources where you can find statistics and data on a variety of different topics. The menu on the left is a navigational aide to assist you in finding the data or statistic(s) that you may need. If you need further assistance, please email the Data Services Librarian.

Statista Trial

Statista is now live!

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DePaul University is trialing a new database called Statista, a resource that collects data from more than 18,000 sources and delivers the aggregated results in easy-to-read graphs and charts. The data and the charts can be exported into PNG, PDF, XLS, or PPT format for easy sharing and analysis. It contains statistics about many different subjects, including Consumer Goods, Internet, Media & Advertising, Retail & Trade, Sports & Entertainment, Technology, Transportation, and Tourism. This trial runs from January 16 – February 16, 2018. Access Statista at this link: Please submit your feedback to

Finding Statistics & Data

What is the difference between statistics and data?

The terms "data" and "statistics" are often used interchangeably. However, in practice, they mean two different things. Data is the information from which statistics are derived. Statistics is the interpretation of data using data analysis. Statistics are the numbers and percentages found in academic journal articles, magazines, and newspapers. Data sets must be collected or downloaded and independently analyzed. 

You need data if:

  • You are looking to create new knowledge and draw your own conclusions
  • You are going to be using a data analytics tool to analyze the data (examples: Microsoft Excel, SPSS, ArcGIS, SQL)

You need statistics if:

  • You need a quick number or percentage to support an argument in a research paper
  • The information that you're looking for can be provided in a table, chart, or other visualization

This How-To guide is a compilation of many different external websites that provide statistics and downloadable data sets. If you have any questions or need further help in locating either statistics or data, please contact the Data Services Librarian.

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