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ColorSource Quick Instructions

Users can select the Power Button at any time while using the ColorSource console to return to the main menu


  • Click power button to access Quick Menu
  • Use quick menu to select the type of lights you need


Turning Lights On/Off

  • Select lights from touch screen or fader
  • Touch screen:
  • Select grid (stage map)
  • Touch light (s)
  • Move level up & down

colorsource console grid map


colorsource console grid map light selected



  • Pick lights (see instructions above)
  • Select Record on touch screen
  • Select Memory channel on touch screen

To Playback Memory Channels

  • Select the memory channel you programmed (Memory 1-4)
  • Use master fader above selected channel to increase intensity

Clear Memory Channels

  • Select Set-up (on touch screen)
  • Select Settings
  • Click On Basic tab
  • Switch operating mode to Complete
  • Click on Erase tab
  • Select Memories button
  • Select Yes on touch screen or push green button
  • Return to Basic tab
  • Switch operating mode back to Simple
  • Hit the power button to return to main menu