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About Studio G

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Studio G is a multi-purpose media production suite that is available for photography, video shoots, and music production. The studio is available anytime the library is open. Users must make a reservation online and checkout the key at the Access Services Desk. Maximum booking time is 4 hours. 

Food is not allowed in Studio G.

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Studio G Light Set-up

Studio G has 14 lights permanently mounted above the green screen stage. Users can control the lights by using the ColorSource console in the studio. 


Desisti Soft Light

Desisti SOFT LED 2 (Soft light) (Lights 1-3)

A soft light refers to light that tends to "wrap" around objects, casting diffused shadows with soft edges. A soft light can function as a Fill light to cancel out the shadows created by the Key light.


Desisti Super LED F4.7


Desisti Super LED F4.7 Fresnel Super Series - (Spot lights) (Lights 4-8)

A spotlight is a small very focused light source that casts a sharp shadow. Spot light is sharp and crisp. Spot lights can be your Key light. A Key light is the primary light source of the scene. It is the most intense and direct light source.



Desisti Delux 2 Fluorescent Desisti Delux 2 Fluorescent Bank (Lights 9-14)

The Fluorescent banks are hung to serve as backlights. Backlights are used to separate the subject from a background to help provide the depth needed to make the frame appear three-dimensional.