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Legal Secondary Sources (in print & online): Books, Directories, Encyclopedias, Law Reviews, Periodical Indexes, Loose-leafs & American Law Reports

American Law Reports (A.L.R.) (includes ALR - ALR 7th; ALR Fed 1st - ALR Fed 3rd & ALR Int'l)


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American Law Reports

This title combines elements of legal encyclopedias with characteristics of law review articles. The typical ALR volume will contain selected cases covering unique or interesting points of law and supplement them with an annotation. Each annotation examines the specific points of law in great detail, explaining how jurisdictions line up on the issue, what are the leading cases, what the trends may be, and related research references, both in print and electronic.

ALR was once published by Lawyer’s Cooperative Publishers (LCP) but became a West publication when LCP was absorbed into West Group in the early 1990’s. ALR is now in its 7th series (4th floor - KF 132 .A43)Series 1 through 3 covers both state and federal issues. Series 4 and 5 cover state issues only, with a companion publication, ALR Federal & ALR Federal 2d (5th floor - KF 105 .A54), taking over the federal issuesIn addition, there is an ALR International Series (4th floor - KZ 199 .A44).

ALR Volumes are supplemented with annual pocket parts beginning with the 3rd series. Annotations are updated online by merging the text revisions with the original text as it appears in print. There are two paper indexes, the ALR Index, and the ALR Digest. Both will point to articles via subject. The last volume of the ALR Digest contains a table of superseded annotations, with references to annotations that are more current than those listed in the table.

ALR appears on Westlaw and Lexis as wellWestlaw begins coverage with ALR 1st.  Lexis begins coverage with ALR 2d.




  • Sign on to LexisNexis (Access via DePaul's Database List - Scroll Down & Click on "Lexis Advance")
  • Once in Lexis - Click on Lexis Advance (upper left - black box)
  • In "Content Type" Tab
  • Click on Secondary Materials" (Top of 2nd column)
  • Under National - Click on "American Law Reports (ALR)" (1st column - 2nd category down) - includes both State & Federal ALR Series materials)
  • Begin Searching