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Legal Secondary Sources (in print & online): Books, Directories, Encyclopedias, Law Reviews, Periodical Indexes, Loose-leafs & American Law Reports



Directories are specialized guides to locating an individual or entity. There are lots of directories related to law that are useful to researchers. The first are people oriented, and the second type are entity oriented.

For Illinois attorneys, the two major listings are the Martindale-Hubbell Law Directory ( and the Sullivan’s Law Directory for the State of Illinois (Law Reference Stacks - Call # KF 192 .I4 S9). There is a third national directory of attorneys called the West Legal Directory, and it is only available online through Westlaw or on the Internet through Findlaw ( 

Martindale-Hubbell is a national directory of attorneys and law firms.  Aside from contact information and practice, there is usually some biographical information such as law school of graduation, and date of degree.  There are not, however, detailed biographies of any attorneys.  Note that Martindale-Hubbell does not contain every attorney in every state. Lawyers, for a fee to the publisher, provide their own information for inclusion in Martindale-Hubbell.  Other features of Martindale-Hubbell include directories of experts and other law related services, general surveys of the law of individual states, an international lawyer directory, and an international law survey. 

Sullivan’s Law Directory (Law Reference Stacks - Call # KF 192 .I4 S9) has been published since 1876 as a directory of Illinois Attorneys.  The book is now published in two volumes, with Volume One as the main listing for Illinois attorneys by location, and Volume Two listing government officials, Illinois law school faculty and staff, and various sets of court rules of interest to Illinois Attorneys.

There are directories that are unique to particular areas of law such as a Directory of Corporate Counsel, or a Directory of Insurance Counsel. There are many directories for Federal Judges, Members of Congress, and State and Federal Officials among others. Some of these directories are available in the Rinn Law Library and contain significant biographical information in addition to contact information.

Lexis Advance: Law Directories


  • Access via DePaul's Database List - Scroll Down & Click on "Lexis Advance"
  • Once in Lexis - Click on Lexis Advance (upper left - black box)
  • Under "Content Type" Tab 
  • Click on "Directories" (3rd column - last resource)
  • Browse Resources