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DePaul's Streaming Collection from Swank Digital Media

We are excited to be moving forward with a new  approach for streaming major motion pictures, hosted by Swank Motion Pictures. These films can be viewed by any faculty, staff or student at DePaul University, either on campus or off.

The initial collection includes a wide variety of films, including classics (Casablanca, A Raisin In The Sun, Vertigo…) and more contemporary titles (Moonrise Kingdom,, Double Happiness…).

These films will all be available until late August of next year, and over the coming year we will be working with faculty to build and refine a large teaching collection of titles.

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Q: How were the titles in the current collection selected?

A: Our initial collection is based on requests that we have received from faculty for films over the last several years, as well as titles requested for use this fall quarter.

Q: Why might I be getting an error message when I try to reach this content?

A: We have been finding that Silverlight, the plugin that is used to play the films has been acting up recently so you may need to activate it even if it has already been installed, and refresh your screen. We do expect that this service will soon be moving off of using Silverlight and hopefully the experience will be more streamlined at that time.

Q:Who should I contact if I have a recommendation for a title for this collection?

A: If you want to forward a general recommendation that is not time sensitive, please email it to Cynthia Petts (



Highlighted titles


A Raisin in the Sun

City of God

Dead Man Walking

Annie Hall