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New Trial Resources

The DePaul University Library is pleased to announce an increase in the number of online resources available to the DePaul community to support remote teaching and learning during the COVID-19 pandemic. We’ve rolled out a number of “trial” resources. Database vendors regularly offer trials of their products to libraries to try out before purchasing. Vendors have been extremely generous during this health crisis and have offered us trials to their products for the entirety of the spring quarter.

A full list of our current available trials can be found under the "All Trial Resources" tab. Trial resources are also divided by subject, with multidisciplinary resources appearing under the "Multidisciplinary" tab rather than under every subject tab.

Such expanded access to trials is unprecedented. This is a unique opportunity for faculty, staff and students to access these resources and determine their value for future use. Your feedback on resources will help the library identify those we should consider for long-term addition to our collections, should our budget accommodate such needs in the future. Please consider filling out the feedback form for the resources you explore.

For additional information and updates, keep an eye on DePaul University Library's blog, The Full Text. To read more about the library's broader response to the COVID-19 pandemic, see the COVID-19 and Library Services guide.