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Copy of Legal Responses to Coronavirus (COVID-19)

UCLA Law Librarian, Lynn McClelland created this guide with very timely national and California specific resources, during the break I will try to locate Illinois specific resources to add


Many units of government at all levels (federal, state, and local) have issued, and continue to issue, legal responses to the coronavirus epidemic, and some states have laws pre-dating the epidemic but that have become more relevant, such as quarantine statutes and requirements for paid sick leave.  This goal of this guide it to provide links to primary sources and high-quality summaries to these.  At the federal agency level, this guide focuses on agencies related to the provision of healthcare.  This guide highlights summaries of state laws across the states, and additionally provides information on California state and local responses.  This guide also highlights a small number of current awareness sources for tracking legal and policy responses.

Federal: Administrative Agencies

In addition to the above, to see all federal agency issuances, the Federal Register is available and up to date online free at   Search by agency option is available through the "Advanced Document Search" under the Search tab, or as a filter after searching.  The word "coronavirus" seems to pull up more results than the term "covid," but the website supports an OR search for both terms.  

Federal: Legislation

50 State Surveys

California: State