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How do I return my books?

The Lincoln Park John T. Richardson Library 24-hour book drop is open for returns and is located outside the west quad-side library entrance to Kelly Hall, behind the statue.

The downtown Loop Library book drop is open for returns 8am-5pm Monday through Friday. It is located to the right of the library entrance on the 10th Floor. Patrons will have to use the 333 S. State Street entrance to DePaul Center.

Please read on for additional details for returning books and other material:

  • Equipment returns are not accepted via the book drop. If you are unable to return equipment in-person, please contact us at We will provide prepaid shipping label and instructions for packing up equipment to return via mail.
    • The following are examples of equipment:
      • Cameras, Tripods, Webcams
      • Phone charger items
      • Video games / consoles
      • Tablets
      • Headphones
  • Items may not be checked in immediately, but no overdue fines will be charged for any materials due back during the Library closure.

Map shows location of book drop on west quad side of library near Fullerton Ave

Image Shows rectangular bronze book drop drawer embedded in brick all behind the Louise de Marillac statue on the west quad side of the John T. Richardson LibraryImage shows the book drop located behind the St. Louise de Marillac statue on the quad side of the John T. Richardson Library

Will I be fined if I don’t return something?

You will not be charged overdue fines for any materials due back during the Library closure. If you have library books, DVDs or CDs--please return them to the book drops at your earliest convenience. For equipment, please email with your name, ID number and what you need to return. A staff member will advise. 

Can I send books back instead of dropping them off in person?

Please use USPS (United States Postal Service) to ensure delivery. Mail items to the following address:

ATTN: Access Services

DePaul University

John T. Richardson Library

2350 N Kenmore Ave

Chicago, IL 60614-3210

No overdue fines will accrue while items are in transit. 

I have a block on my student account preventing me from registering for classes? What should I do?

Blocks will be temporarily lifted until the library resumes billing operations.

Please contact us at and provide your name and DePaul ID number.