University Library DePaul Library

How do I return my books?

Since the library buildings are closed, you may renew your books online:, or simply hold on to them until the library re-opens.

No overdue fines will be charged while the Library is closed.

Will I be fined if I don’t return a book?

You will not be charged overdue fines for any materials due back during the Library closure.
If you have library books or other materials (DVDs, game consoles, etc.) checked out, please hold on to them until the library reopens.

Can I still check out books from the Library?

Because our Library buildings are closed until further notice, it is not possible to borrow physical materials (books, DVDs, games, etc.) or request I-Share books at this time. 

I-Share delivery service has been suspended state-wide and we will not process interlibrary loan requests for print materials until further notice.

Our electronic resources, including a large number of e-books and streaming videos, are still available to DePaul students, faculty, and staff.

I have a block on my student account preventing me from registering for classes? What should I do?

Blocks will be temporarily lifted until the library re-opens.

Please email the Billing Assistant at and provide your name and DePaul ID number.

Can I still place an Interlibrary Loan request?

While the library is no longer circulating physical materials, you can request electronic access to book chapters, articles and other digital materials through our Interlibrary Loan Service.

I’m a distance learner. How do I return my books or request new ones?

We are unable to return to the Library to accept packages until further notice, please hold on to the books. No overdue fines will be charged.  

While the Library buildings are closed, we are not able to circulate physical materials. This includes mailing books to distance learners.